#LashGlue Sapphire
#LashGlue Sapphire

#LashGlue Sapphire, a strength of 0.5 second glue in the color BLUE! This glue is therefore blue in color and contains no Carbon (Black pigment). Content: 3ML

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#LashGlue Sapphire, has a generous blue color instead of black!
The Sapphire does not contain any Carbon, but because of its unique blue color, it is still clearly visible during the placement for the stylist. So you can see the glue as a clear glue, but with a blue tint.

The blue color is not visible after you have placed the eyelashes!

# Super fast glue, with long retention!
# Pay attention! For the advanced eyelash stylist!
Fast installation due to very fast adhesion (isolate first, then install)
#Low vapor concentration
# Retention 5 to 7 weeks.
#Fast adhesion, namely 0.5 seconds.
#Howing humidity: 40/75%
Perfect effect: 50-65%
# Suitable for both OBO and Volume technology.
Insulate again first, then install immediately.

Content: 3ML